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How to make a Possum Box

How to make a Possum Box

By Irene Darlington 


The diagram below shows a simple design for a Possum nesting box.




  • Marine ply is best as it weathers very well.
  • Use electrical wire (copper wire strands with green/yellow plastic sheathing) to attach the box to a tree. This wire is excellent as it is durable and allows you to loosen the strand as the tree grows, and thus avoid ringbarking. 



Attach the box in a north-facing position, as high as an extension ladder will reach.

Pass the electrical wire through the holes at the rear of the box, wrap round the tree trunk then right round the front of the box under the ‘step’ below the entry hole.


The tree should be in a group or ‘forest’ to provide a connecting corridor, and should not be a lone tree or where trees are too far apart, forcing the possum to go on the ground  to get to the box tree.


Remember, possums like to use 2-3 places at a time, so some days your possum box may be vacant, and then occupied soon after.